tisdag 7 oktober 2014

"Lilli-gos" - layout

Hello there,
Over at the American Cratfs blog they had a "triangles week". Unfortunately I can't remember who made the .... with triangles as background, but I was inspired and came up with this layout.

It's about my bff's sweet daughter. I've used the Dear Lizzy Daydreamer collection along with enamel dots and wood veneer shapes. For the title my Thickers and Basic Grey letters came to use. Every here and there I aldo sprayed some yellow and blue mist.

As you may have noticed, the summer I'm only creating with a few lines. That is because I couldn't bring along everything I wanted. So I had to choose. But this was/is actually something good; I see how versatile the collections are and I use the papers and scraps more than I probably would otherwise. :)

DIY "washi tape phone case"

Hello hello,

Fat Mum Slim has a challenge called "photo a day". Every month she publish a list of things or emotions and then we in the group take a photo of that and post it to a social media of your choice. Day 4 of august (okey, posting a little late, i know) was "DIY". And I posted this photo of my phone case.

It is originally white (and slippery). So I took it apart and dressed it with washi tape from My Mind's Eye. I really like the result and I can change it when it's worn out or I want another "design".

Piece of cake! :)

Have a nice day!

torsdag 2 oktober 2014

Washi tape

Hi there!

You just gotta love washi tape! For the second time I decorated my cover/case on my phone with tape. I used a black and see through tape again.

Peeling off the old one was a bit icky and sticky though and the tape was all "sweaty". It also took a few warm washes with soap and a lot of rubbing to get the glue off. But since I use it, it rubs off quite well and the phne went back to being slippery. Hence, the new washi tape :)

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Have a great day!

lördag 13 september 2014

"Mormor och jag" - MME June sketch challenge

Hello hello,

My grandma means a lot to me. Therefore I made this layout about us. She is now 95 or 96 years old and still goes dancing every now and then. Her hearing isn't the best (but that's life) but she's always with us on outings and parties. And she still lives alone in her apartment since my grandpa died.

I just love her!

On the layout I've used lots of yellow mist along with hearts and papers from American Crafts collection "Plus one" and My Mind's Eye "Chalked" collection.  I also sew some small trees as well for deco. I've used the sketch from My Mind's Eye June sketch challenge.

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torsdag 4 september 2014

"No ordinary moment" - CS bday ed.

Hello there,

For a few years now I've been working in at a ski school in Austria. It also happens to be the same school where I learned how to ski when I was like four years old. At the end of the week we have/had a race and we would have to wear these ugly white/purple vests during the race. I was so mad about this that I skied down crying and hands before my eyes.

In February there's A LOT of people here skiing and I saw the same vests on a group of kids and had to snap a photo. Therefore: no ordinary moment :) (and what a surprise!)

Again, I have used American Crafts collection "Day dreamer" with chipboard letters from Basic Grey.

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torsdag 28 augusti 2014

"Cherish the memories" w/ CS sketch #261


Here I've got a layout about memories. This little mouse contains quite a few memories from my childhood.

The layout came together rather quick (for being me) and I mainly used stamps from Badic Grey and the Instathingies from Prima. Together with paper from American Crafts collection " Plus one", a sticky border from Glitz and the Thickers title it all worked out well.

For the whole layout I have used Creative Scrappers Sketch #261.

Have s nice day and thanks for stopping by!

Happy birthday - card

Hello there,

For my oldest niece's birthday (she turned 12!!) I created a card by stitching the title in various colors. After that was finished I cut it out and placed it on a paper from American Crafts collection "Plus one". The black paper with the cameras really fit my niece, since she loves to photograph.

Have a nice evening and thanks for stopping by!

onsdag 27 augusti 2014

♡♡♡ 2 read - layout

Today I'm sharing a layout about my love for reading books. When I have a good book to read it's hard to put it away. On the layout I included a list of the books I read so far this year.

American Crafts paper collection "Plus One" came to use and the border is created from the borders in the 6"x6" paper pad. For the title I used Thickers and created my own word with water colors and the cut it out.

I also colored the flowers with water colors to match the papers and background.

The books on the picture I finished three of them in two weeks! That's fast for beeing me, :P

Thank you for stopping by!

måndag 11 augusti 2014

"Congrats" card

Hello there!
These colors are one of my favorites to combine. I actually created a layout first with the same colors and almost the same pattern, it's just not finished yet. But I like how I can see how my layouts are evolving.

I sent this card to one of my dearest friends - her birthday is tomorrow!

Have a nice day!

söndag 3 augusti 2014


...I've got something to share. My scrapbook supplies are now with me and my mojo is in the house :P A little update: I'm still working six days a week with one fun job and one that's not that fun. My parents were visiting me about two weeks ago, which was great. We went to IKEA, hiking and just spent some time together. Now I hardly can't until the end of the summer whrn I go back to Sweden.

This is a layout for my youngest niece about how you should love and be yourself. I like the way it came out :)

torsdag 19 december 2013

Dec FMS Photo A Day

Good evening! 
This month I decided to do the Photo-A-Day challenge each day. I put each days prompt in my phone as a reminder. And I have taken one photo a day! Here's a few days:

Day 19: 'Tis the season to... be packing for Christmas with the family and working in Austria this winter season.

Day 7: 6 o'clock: Talking a walk in the snow (that unfortunatly was gone the next day). 

Day 2: Where I stood; on my fury carpet next to my bed, whenever I get up and whenever I get into bed. 

Day 3: Silver; My snowflakes decorations. 

Day 4: Tiny; ornaments/reflections. 

Day 5: In the cupboard: Books I have read - and like! 

Day 6: Shadow; The shadow from my table with some of my mists in their packages. 

Day 8: Where I shop; At that moment I was buying a gift for my best friends 10 months old little girl.

Day 10: R is for... remembering what I did a year ago; walking in the snow home from work. 

Day 1: Red: My Christmas star in my window. 

Check out FMS Photo A Day over at Facebook! Many fun and great photos!
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söndag 15 december 2013

3rd of Advent and a Bday Card

Happy 3rd Advent!
Now it's not many days left till Christmas! :)

I have a friend whos birthday is on the 31st of December. So I thought I make a Holiday card and a bday card in the same.

I used Christmas colors and made gifts in the middle - just a little something I saw on Pinterest.

Have a nice Sunday and thanks for stopping by!

lördag 14 december 2013

Christmas Cards Part 2

Hello there!

Here's another set of X-mas cards I made. I like to use different tecniques for each item I make.

This one is layers, layers and more layers with embossed heart that says "Merry Christmas".

For this one, I got some "Pinspiration" (Inspiration from Pinterest). I placed rhinestones on a plastic sheet and the made a bow - and done! Love it!

Here, I used rhinestones and the dots that are leftovers from the Thickers sheet. Perfect for a simple card or just embellishment!

Thanks for stopping by!

tisdag 10 december 2013

Christmas Cards Part 1

Hello hello!

This year I decided to make my own Christmas cards. I'm not that much of a card maker, but when I know for who the card is, it's more fun. I've tried to keep them all simple so that they won't be to bulky or heavy in the envelopes.

Here's a card with a glitter heart of felt.

Here I cut out a stencil and stamped "Merry Christmas"/"God jul" in gold and red. 

On this one it's mostly washi tape and adhesive which I poured loose glitter on. 

Looks maybe as more work, but it's only ribbon  cut short and glued to the cardstock. Over it I've used paper from BoBunny's Snowfall.

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måndag 9 december 2013

"Go your own direction" w/ CS sketch #254

Happy Monday!

And it's here again - Monday. Today I'm sharing another layout created using sketch #254 from Creative Scrappers. Again, I've used MME's line Cut & Paste along with stamps and chipboard stickers from Basic Grey and Pink Paisley.

The text on the photo says: "It is easy to stand with the crowd, It takes courage to stand alone" - which I think is hard at the age of 9 or growing up nowadays. The photo is of my youngest niece.

At the same time as going your own way, you should make sure you enjoy the journey as well, somehow.

Thanks for stopping by today!

söndag 8 december 2013

Surprice! Layout w/ CS Sketch #256

Happy 2nd Advent!

The snow came and went...

This layout was supposed to me in the competition over at Creative Scrappers. Buuut, since I'm a bit slow on the photographing my creations and due to the fact that I didn't have Internet for 4 days, I couldn't upload it. Too bad for me, but I'm showing it to you now!

I've used papers from MME's Cut & Paste line and Chalk line.

My bf took this lovely photo.

Almost all the little chipboard stickers are from Basic Grey (the title as well).

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Have a nice evening!

onsdag 4 december 2013

Advent Calendar w/ Winterland from Fancy Pants

Good evening!
One day I turned overambitious and created an advent calendar for a good friend of mine and her little family. I already had the photos in mind so it was just to decorate. I tried not to open the calendar myself, then they probably wouldn't close that well.

I've kept it simple, since I didn't have much time, with just a few decorations. 

Stamping, glitter glue, double adhesive tape with glitter poured on it, mini pearls, thickers and more is what I've used. 

Behind some of the numbers I wrote something for them to do - just little simple things.
The great thing was that she loved it! :)  

Have a great night and thanks for stopping by!